Skill Sessions (ONLINE)

30 November - 4 December 2020

The Skill Sessions consist of an entire workweek filled with interesting workshops focusing on different aspects of career development. During this event, workshops and lectures focusing on your personal and professional development are be given by professional trainers and speakers. Topics that are covered include the application letter, the resume, the job interview and more. This year all workshops were given online! After subscribing and getting on the attendence list of the workshop, you received a meeting link through your e-mail and you were able to participate from the comport of your own home!

You were able to subscribe for your favorite skill sessions starting from the 8th of October till the 20th of November! We celebrated this new year of career events with a big give-away. Click on the button below to find out how we kicked off this year!

the KICK-OFF 2020/2021

Here on the right you can see the offline version of last year; Skill Sessions 2019!



Subscribing & Unsubscribing

Unfortunately, you can not subscribe for the Skill Sessions any more. The subscription deadline has passed and the registrations are closed. In the weekend of 21 November, you have gotten the mail(s) of the workshop(s) that you are on the attendence list for!

If you were on the waiting list, you are not selected to attend the workshop. However, if a spot opened up that you could fill, we contacted around 48h before the specific workshop. It was also able to get off the waiting list, by e-mailing

Please always make sure to unsubscribe if you are not able to attend the workshop anymore, so another student can be contacted to take your place. If you did not show up, you were put on a blacklist.

Check our selection of workshops in the schedule of Skill Sessions 2020 below!

Workshops Guide

In the workshops guide you can find detailed information about the workshops we offer. This year the Skill Sessions will be fully online and in English! We offer many interesting workshops ranging from improving your skills with Photoshop to learning tricks about planning or preparing for the job market! There most definitelly will be a workshop that you might enjoy! Take a look in our guide!!

Below, you can see a glimpse of the guide. To read this and orient yourself, you will have to download the workshop guide by clicking the download button beneath!!