Covid-19 pandemic

Career Events - Wervingsdagen

During the Career Expo of 2020 on the 10 and 11th of March 2020, the event was canceled on the second day of the event due to the Covid-19 crisis. Next to this, the last event of the year; the Interviewing Days 2020 was also canceled. As the whole country dealt with the pandemic and quarantaining oneself became the norm, most to all offline activities were reconstructed to be online.

Health and well-being is number one priority of events, therefore, all events of Foundation Wervingsdagen have been re-designed according to the regultations of the RIVM. After the summer of 2020, all events of Wervingsdagen were one-by-one re-evaluated repeatedly as the situation around Covid-19 developed. About 2 to 3 months prior to each event the plans are communicated towards the public to ensure the most accurate information communicated possible. The Board of Wervingsdagen trusts that students and companies are understanding of the situation and does its best to update all parties as well as possible.

It is safe to assume that the events of Wervingsdagen 2020-2021 are all fully ONLINE. Companies can get more information about the plans by contacting our external affairs. Students can best follow our social media (Facebook and Instagram) to get the latest updates on the plans of our events. Questions or remarks should be mailed to