The Activists are a group of enthousiastic students, ideally consisting of nine students all originating from the different study associations. The Activists create a huge marketing stunt for the Career Expo on the university campus. A budget is provided by the Wervingsdagen, allowing the complete and utter freedom to let the creativity run wild.

This year’s activists have already been selected!

We like your interest in helping us! Activists spend about two hours a week to organize the marketing stunt, on the day before the Career Expo. The Committee will also ask Activists to help during the Career Expo. This way you can familiarize yourself with the Wervingsdagen in an exciting way! If you are interested in joining the board of the Wervingsdagen, it is a very good idea to join the Activists first. On top of organizing a huge marketing stunt, Activists get to meet a lot of new people, they have a lot of fun and also get a nice sweater! Typically the committee looks for new activists during November.

If you want to let us know that you are interested to become an Activist, you can send an e-mail adressed to the chairman of the Wervingsdagen Committee (